CSG CLINIC offers its patients the possibility of a Loyalty Card, which also works as a health insurance card.

What is it?

The Benefits Club of the CLINIC Network Loyalty Card is a rewards program created to prize your loyalty to clinics associated to the CLINIC Network. When using your CLINIC Network Loyalty Card, you earn one point for every 10 euros spent and paid.

The more you use your Clinic Network Loyalty Card, the more you’ll win.

How it works?

For each payment you earns points that can be converted into several prizes of your choice. You just need to use the Clinic Network Loyalty Card every time you pay for your appointments in one of the Associated Clinics and members of the CLINIC Network. You will automatically be participating in the Benefits Club, with several advantages, ranging from preferential appointments booking to discounts on treatments.

You may exchange your points for health treatments for yourself or gift cards. If you prefer a little more excitement, your points can turn into passports to the best SPAs. If you want to help needy people, you can also turn your points into donations to charitable entities.

In any case, there are plenty good reasons and options to increasingly use your Clinic Network Loyalty Card.

Take this chance!

IMPORTANT: If you do not have your Clinic Network Loyalty Card yet or if you’re not registered in the Benefits Club, please order yours via our facebook page: or click here