Our Team

CSG Clinic is committed to diagnose and treat those who visit it, quickly and effectively, through a medical practice for excellence and innovation.

CSG Clinic materializes the health care paradigm combining the quality and experience of the medical staff, formed by a team of more than 20 resident doctors and employees. The existing technological innovation on medical equipment and information systems makes the CSG Clinic a medical model of excellence and innovation at national and European level. The unique architecture of its facilities combine safety and patients’ comfort and privacy, complementing this leadership position.

CSG Clinic offers all possibilities in the field of dentistry, with emphasis on the operating room and organized areas with multidisciplinary distinctive centers, contributing to a comprehensive and integrated approach to patients, which is crucial to the health care quality provided.

CSG Clinic Health also provides various possibilities outside the dental area which complements others.

Since its opening, CSG Clinic has become an essential reference within the sector and has determinately contributed for the enhancement of the private initiative.

In recent years, CSG Clinic has expanded its facilities’ capacity, which has increased the area dedicated to the continuous training of health professionals, as well as restructure the clinical resources and add new services.


Clinic Management