The association of technical training that reveals aesthetic and functional aspects, with training areas that don’t take part on the academic education curriculum, helps healthcare professionals in the art of dentistry.

Our training field was created in order to meet the most pressing needs of our colleagues who feel the need to acquire knowledge in poorly covered areas in the field of dentistry, but of utmost importance when it comes to providing the most comprehensive treatment of their patients, as well as better train dental assistants so that they can fully exercise the functions for which they’re aimed to.

We provide live video transmission thanks to the video connection to the Dental Medicine office. Transmission of clinical cases is an asset of the courses, enabling you to view the procedures’ execution and taught techniques, live and in a patient. When allowing for full interaction with the operator, the participant can evaluate and understand the actual clinical difficulties.

In complicated situations or inability to move to São Gonçalo Clinic, we deliver a home dental medical service that you can ask for every time you feel the need, and, in this regard, when it’s difficult for the patient to move, we can meet them instead for the treatment of simple cases, or for a diagnosis of specific situations.